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..Dutch climbing portal, the place to be ..Without them i am helpless ;-) ..It is getting addictive! ..I am a geek, so... map24 home-barista Pocketinfo
..Just say Berdorf ..Best routing site in IMHO ..A lot of professionals here ..Dutch portal traphic kaffee-netz lakeridge
..Good climbing(-dB) in Germany ..Let's see if we're home on time! ..Some Germans know how to drink coffee ..Wisbar is a nice PPC gadget
belclimb toomuchcoffee
..The best in northwest europe ..I spend money here! *g* ..European portal
Ettringen Barista startpage
..For learning the best climbingtechnique ..A good start to get into it
..The eifel lives!
Paul Lahaye
..Keeping eye on the local scene
..What do i need to say?
..The magic forest
another blogsite of the dutch climbingscene
luie klimmer
a wiki for all climbing area's